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Finesse Dance & Performance Studios was established in July 2020. Although we faced a very tough first few months due to the pandemic, our studio successfully opened and since then we have had so many talented students walk through our doors.

We pride ourselves on a high level of teaching in all dance disciplines from ages 18 months up, and ensure that every pupil is learning to dance and perform to the best of their ability but most importantly, at his/her own pace. With professionally qualified teaching delivered in a fun and constructive way, matched with the dreams and passion of the children, we can ensure that there really is something for everyone at Finesse.

"Children are
like stars,
they will shine when
it's their time"

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Aimee Moulton - Principal

“Each child brings something special and unique to the school and I am so proud to have a school filled with so much love, fun and talent. It’s so important to me that we cater to the needs and potential of each individual. A lesson that has stuck with me throughout my dance life, is that, it is not the person next to you who you need to do better than, it’s the person looking back at you I the mirror, THAT’S who you need to better. 

I cant wait to welcome your stars into our dance family”

Performance opportunities &


All students will get the chance to take part in bi-annual shows at a theatre  – this gives them the chance to show you everything they have learnt and to be part of a friendly performance.

Students also get the chance to take IDTA examinations, medal tests or rosettes . I encourage all students to take part in these.


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Acro & Tumbling

Acro  is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic  elements. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography. It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as in professional dance theatre.


During Tap classes, children learn more than just how to make sounds with their feet. There are hundreds of tap steps, combinations and sounds which teach rhythm, musicality and how to count music. Pupils love tap as it’s a unique style of dance and the possibilities are literally endless.

Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz is a fun upbeat style of dance and is an umbrella over a number of jazz styles. From lending itself to Charleston, Fosse and Jazz through to a more upbeat style of dance, there is really something for everyone within Modern. This is a staple subject that I always encourage all children to take, they learn technical exercises which builds important foundations from a young age.

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Parent & Toddler Classes

At Finesse we also offer classes for toddlers. from age 18 months to 3 years Children can attend either Move and Groove tots which is a fun introduction to dance, or baby ballet which is basic ballet preperation. All these classes are parent and toddler classes so is a perfect way to introduce the elemtns of fun whilst also feeling happy with parent/guardian by thier side. Whilst in this class dancers have the option to take part in the International Dance Rewards programme which rewards dancers throughout their levels in tots dance.


At Finesse all pupils will take part in an annual show as well as other competitions throughout the year.
 Children will also get the opportunity to be entered for IDTA rosettes and examinations in Tap, Ballet and Modern.  I hugely encourage children to take examinations as it’s a great way for them to be rewarded as well as great practice for technique and to be seen by other people.


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